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ME Kelan Andrews



ME, 2022 is a physical manifestation of my lived experience with chronic illness. Having suffered with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) since the start of 2020, aspects of my identity have melted away: memories, emotions, ambitions, hobbies and abilities.


The soy wax encapsulates a cotton wick that runs through the entire head. When the wick is burned, a cavity forms at the top and melts down through to the centre of the head. This cavity personifies the elements of my identity that have been lost. As ME is an invisible illness, the rest of the head stays intact and unchanged by the melting. The sculpture is designed to be lit whenever relapses of severe illness occur in the future; further deepening the cavity. 

Soy wax and cotton wick on stainless steel trolley

85cm x 114cm x 47cm

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