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I was born in Banbury, England in 2000. I graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2022 with a First Class Honours degree in BA Fine Art. I am currently studying an MA in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art. I live in Manchester. 


My work is produced as a response to my personal lived experience with a chronic illness. At the age of 19 I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Not only do my artworks help me deal with my illness, but also aim to address wider social and cultural issues surrounding chronic conditions and diseases. 

My latest work takes the form of sculptures; however, I have worked extensively with print, photography and videography in the past.

Exhibitions, Projects & Prizes:

2021 - Art & Audience Group Exhibition (online)

2021 - Culture Soup Zine 

2022 - Link Gallery 

2022 - Frontier Magazine 

2022 - HOME Made It 2022 

2022 - Manchester School of Art Degree Show 

2022 - Holden Gallery 

2022 - Castlefield Gallery Art Prize

2023 - Above and Below the Holocaust Landscape for LDHP

Kelan Andrews
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